How it all began: a mural and a tower

It all began in 2013 when Liliana's nephew requested a mural in his toy room. Only having experience with colored pencils, she signed up for an art class to learn how to paint with acrylics. Along the way, Liliana discovered how she truly enjoyed painting.

Visiting Paris inspired Liliana to paint a likeness of the Eiffel Tower in her art class. However, one painting turned out to be 5 different themed paintings of the Eiffel Tower. Each one had its own unique appearance and personality. The paintings were titled Bonjour, Carnaval, Patriotique, Mascarade and Bonne Nuit. 

Liliana's paintings inspired her to create them as characters. Once her characters were created, Liliana realized that they needed a story line, so she thought, "What if these paintings were hung at the Louvre? What if at night they became alive and began to move?" Hence, Les Cinq Eiffels:The Five Eiffels were born.